For most car owners, the fuel efficiency of their vehicle is a major concern. The easiest way to lower the fuel expenditure is to increase the fuel mileage. While it may seem conflicting, it is possible to increase your car’s fuel mileage and subsequently its performance. Regardless if you have a new model or have recently bought a pre-owned/salvage car from an online car auction, following certain steps can help you improve your car’s fuel mileage and performance. What are these steps? The blog post details them. Take a look.

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1. Clean/Replace Air-Filter
Air-filter plays a crucial role in the performance of your car. It filters the air coming into the carburetor or fuel intake system. With time it gets dirty, restricting the airflow into the intake. That is why you need to clean or change the car’s air-filter system. A clean or new filter system will improve airflow into the engine, amplifying the combustion and in turn enhance the car’s performance and fuel mileage. If you need to change the air-filter system of the car, you may as well change the induction system for better results.

2. Fit a Performance-Exhaust System
A performance-exhaust system has less number of bends, meaning less load on the engine to pump out fumes. Fitting a new exhaust system in your car can lead to enhanced engine efficiency, improved mileage, horsepower, and ultimately performance.

3. Reduce Vehicle’s Weight
The weight of the vehicle too plays a significant role in its fuel mileage and performance. Heavy weight obstructs the efficiency of the engine, reducing the mileage and horsepower. To cut down the weight of the car, remove unnecessary accessories and steel wheels. Getting lighter alloy wheels can help. Also, refrain from installing oversized tires, as they can considerably hamper your car’s performance.

4. Ensure Optimum Tire Pressure
Not many people pay heads to tire pressure, but it is as important as other aspects discussed earlier. The tires of your car must be properly inflated as not having the right amount of air increases friction. The engine then needs to works hard to compensate for less inflated tires, resulting in lower efficiency, mileage, and horsepower. So, to get optimum performance, make sure the tires are always inflated with the correct amount of air at all times.

The Bottom Line
Following these four strategies can go a long way in improving the fuel mileage and performance of your car. The expenses of modifications are balanced by the lower fuel bills. Pre-owned, salvage or repo cars bought from online car auctions often require these modifications before you can take them on the road. The majority of Texas car auctions list a wide array of repossessed, salvage, and pre-owned cars for auctions at throwaway prices. You may also get lucky with your favorite classic car at these online car auctions. Just register with them, browse their inventory, and bid for your favorite classic or other cars.